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We seek to provide a safe and happy place for your child to learn, grow , form friendships, and while he or she learns about the world around them and learns the school. We seek to see your child grow in his or her knowledge of the Catholic Faith and grow in a personal knowledge of the love Jesus has for them.

Our goal in teaching your child is to meet them at their individual developmental level in both class group and small group learning style. Within the classical curriculum academic learning consist of math, literacy, science, social studies, handwriting, poetry and recitations. There is ample time for movement, singing, the use of manipulative, and other developmentally appropriate activities. 

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Providing children in the beginning a foundation in Scripture, Reading, Math, and Proper Handwriting form is the core of a Classical Kindergarten education. Kindergartners here at St. Mary utilize a phonics-based approach to reading for long-term success in reading development. Mathematics is equally important. Students learn number recognition, addition and subtraction, shapes, telling time, money and other foundational mathematical skills. 


Students are introduced to various forms of children's literature in Kindergarten that develops the groundwork for reading and listening comprehension. Students narrate or orally summarize stories developing both their listening comprehension and oral language skills. 


St. Mary offers a loving Catholic atmosphere. Kindergarten is academically challenging and nourishing with a  classroom environment that encourages a love of learning, builds confidence and compassion for the future leadership.

What can you expect from a
​Classical Kindergarten Classroom?

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