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  All parents and volunteers of St. Mary Catholic School must be VIRTUS trained via. the Catholic Diocese of Lansing. Please sign up and complete the training online by clicking the button below.
​For information about in-person training, please contact the school office.

The Diocese of Lansing requires any volunteer at a Diocesan school to complete VIRTUS online training.  This can be done by registering, watching a brief video and then printing the certificate of completion to submit to the front office.   Instructions for the training can be found by clicking the link below.  You are welcome to invite a family member to help fulfill this obligation for your family, please just have them complete the online VIRTUS training and submit the certificate to the office. ​

Current Opportunities

Volunteers are an essential part of a successful school community. The school asks that all families sign up for a mandatory 5 days of Lunch/Recess volunteer duty AND to volunteer for at least 5 HFA or church sponsored events. Families will be charged a $25.00 fee for each event or Lunch/Recess not attended. For example, if a family does not volunteer to cover the required 10 times in a given school year, at the end of the school year the fee they incur will be $250.00. This fee will be charged the last week of school. Please check back for volunteering opportunities or see the school newsletter.

(Please see school handbook.)

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