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Fides et Ratio

Saint Mary Catholic School is committed to assisting parents in the formation of their children by engaging in a classical education where students unify faith and reason to carry the light of truth to the world. By helping students strive for academic excellence, delight in the gift of learning, and imitate the virtues of Jesus Christ, children will be joyfully compelled to live a life of knowledge, love, and service.

Saint Mary School Mission

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Graduates of Saint Mary are grounded in the unity of faith and reason as leaders who are primed to realize their full potential.  They are academically strong and open to growth by embracing challenge.  As life-long learners, they read well, speak well and think well ​and know that truth and beauty are good in themselves.  As a result, they continue to progress in deepening their faith and emerge as persons of character and compassion as Disciples of Christ.

Math Notebook and Calculator

God bless our new principal,  Justine Dailey!

"Mrs. Dailey has been a dedicated and beloved teacher in our school for the last seven years, currently teaching the 3rd and 4th grades. She and her husband Dan are long-time parishioners of St. Mary, involved in many different ministries and groups over the years. In her time here, Mrs. Dailey has demonstrated excellent leadership skills, deep-rooted faith, and a genuine love for her students. Her zeal for academic success, especially through classical pedagogy, coupled with her unwavering commitment to nurturing the spiritual and personal growth of each child, aligns exceptionally well with the mission and purpose of St. Mary School. I am confident that Mrs. Dailey’s leadership will help the children of our school continue to grow in love with the pursuit of learning and being formed into life-long disciples of the Lord. I look forward to working with her and supporting her."

- Pastor Fr. David Fons

Fall hayride fun!

2023 -2024 Calendar

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Upcoming Events

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The Main Event
Spring Concert
Art Show!
Honors Assembly
Schuler Books Summer Reading Club
Vigil for the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Corpus Christi Procession
Virtue of the Month!
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