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Fides et Ratio

Saint Mary Catholic School is committed to assisting parents in the formation of their children by engaging in a classical education where students unify faith and reason to carry the light of truth to the world. By helping students strive for academic excellence, delight in the gift of learning, and imitate the virtues of Jesus Christ, children will be joyfully compelled to live a life of knowledge, love, and service.

Saint Mary School Mission

Welcome, we are so happy you are here!

Graduates of Saint Mary are grounded in the unity of faith and reason as leaders who are primed to realize their full potential.  They are academically strong and open to growth by embracing challenge.  As life-long learners, they read well, speak well and think well ​and know that truth and beauty are good in themselves.  As a result, they continue to progress in deepening their faith and emerge as persons of character and compassion as Disciples of Christ.

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2024-2025 School Year Enrollment

Open enrollment begins Monday, February 19th!

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Thank you for your interest in joining the St. Mary School family,

we are so excited to meet you!

Also know as the trivium. In Latin, the word trivium means “the place where three roads meet.” Therefore, the classical education Trivium consists of learning and practicing three arts—or skills—referred to as grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric. We're new, sign us up for Grades 1 -8.

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We would love to have you join us for our PK or Young-5's programs!
Mrs. Whelton and her team are starting their roster now -
email to start getting PK enrollment updates and news! 


Kindergarten screening will take place Wednesday, March 20th 8:00-11:00am & 12:30-3:30pm and Thursday, March 21st 8:00am-11:00am.
Success Days allow our team to place your child in the right program as well as get a pulse on the group and their abilities as a class. 

Members from our Pre-K, Kindergarten, Administration and Specials classes are on hand during this fun & interactive screening process.

Please contact the office at 517-655-4038 to set up a screening. 

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Fall hayride fun!

2023 -2024 Calendar

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Upcoming Events

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Blue Mass
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Friday Stations of the Cross 2:20 & 6:30
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